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"Brienne loving Jaime weakens her character."

I’ve been seeing this for awhile and it completely baffles me. When we meet Brienne she is pledging her life to Renly, a man she had loved since she was a child, because serving him for life was the closest she could get to marrying him, AND everything she does is based on this love for him. If she has been viewed as a strong woman for the past 3 seasons while she’s been in love with Renly, please tell me how the flying fuck her love for Jaime suddenly makes her weaker? Because she may actually have a chance?

Why does nobody have a problem with strong men being in love but people have a problem with strong women loving? why can’t a strong woman find love? Are you implying love is only for weak women? Her love for him does the opposite of weaken. It gives her strength and something to fight for.

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